Pork Trotter Halve Treats

Pork Trotter Halve Treats


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  • 100% Australian made, natural and healthy
  • Premium quality, long lasting
  • No use of any additives, chemicals or preservatives
  • Quality dog treats ensuring nutritional benefits and long shelf life
  • Prepared in one of the few AS5812 export accredited experienced facilities
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Product Description

Pork Trotter Halve Treats For Dogs

Pork Trotter Halve Treats for dogs are a tough and tasty chew for most sized dogs to manage. They are not as large obviously as a full pig’s trotter. Thus, making it a great size for doggies to chew away on. They are longer-lasting dog treats than our crisp and cube products.
All our pork products are 100% Australian-produced and air dehydrated at super-high temperatures. This ensures that all the moisture is removed. Therefore, just one single ingredient and all the goodness are stored in the dog treat. Our Pork Trotter Halve Treats are easy for your dog to get their chops around. A perfect option for smaller dogs too. Plenty to chew on. Bark with Buster dog treats are definitely all-natural. There are no preservatives, no additives, and no colourings. Pork Trotter Dog Treat Halves are made from 100% real Australian Pork and are flavoursome. Slowly air-dried by our accredited Australian manufacturers to seal in the taste and goodness.
Bark with Buster dog treats are deliciously nourishing and delightfully tasty. Our Pork Trotter Treats are without exception, one of many dogs’ favourites. They also encourage your dog to slow down and exercise that jaw. High in essential vitamins and minerals, with high levels of iron.
Australian pork has a lower fat content than lamb. That being the case, it is a super healthy choice of meat. Pork is recognised as being rich in B vitamins, selenium, zinc, Omega 3, phosphorus, and potassium. It is also a valuable source of iron. Incidentally, when buying pork dog treats from Bark with Buster, you are not only supporting our small Australian business. You are also supporting Australian farmers and Australian meat processors.

Did you know?

Definitely, a  well-loved treat is suitable for dogs of most shapes and sizes. They are rich in protein and nutritional value. Crunchy, therefore great for cleaning the teeth and your dog’s dental hygiene. 
Last but not least, our Pork Trotter Halves Dog Treats are completely natural. This means your dog will not only love them but they are also good for Fido. By the way, to view all our pork-related pet products just follow the link https://wholesale.barkwithbuster.com.au/product-category/pork-dog-treats/
Our suppliers hold industry accreditations. They have many years of experience in the processing and drying of products for animal consumption. Hence, you can rest assured your dog is digesting quality products.


  • 100% Australian-made, natural and healthy.
  • Premium quality, long-lasting.
  • No use of any additives, chemicals, or preservatives.
  • Quality dog treats ensure nutritional benefits and long shelf life.
  • Prepared in one of the few AS5812 export-accredited experienced facilities.


  • We recommend keeping your products sealed, stored out of direct sunlight, and under 30c on average.
  • We recommend dogs are supervised whilst eating bones.


Finally, please always ensure your dog is eating a balanced and nutritious diet and has access to clean fresh water.

About us:

Located in Melbourne, Australia, Bark with Buster is a small passionate team. Supplying irresistibly delicious pet treats for your furry friends. We are dog and cat owners too! So, join our pack and order your pet treats today. Free delivery within Australia for all orders over $99.00. So, order a gift for your friend or neighbours pet as well. Working closely with our customers and listening to your feedback. Committed to 100% satisfaction. We want your furry friends to be happy and healthy. Thus, you can only maintain a great reputation by consistently delivering on your promises. Therefore, Bark with Buster works hard to do exactly that.
We love making customers happy. In short, we deliver nothing but the highest standards in the industry. Thus, we continue supporting local Australian Farmers.

Ingredients-100% Australian Pork

Nutritional Analysis

Ash (as is) (TP/024)
S23-0038797 Ash (dmb)32.9%
Metabolisable Energy (Atwater) (TP_FT_008)
S23-0038797 Atwater energy 372.8 kcal/100g
Fat by Acid Hydrolysis (TP/050)
S23-0038797 Fat (dmb) 26.4%
Moisture (TP_FT_002)
S23-0038797 Moisture 7.4%
Crude Protein (TP/026)
S23 – 0038797 (N x 6.25)42.3%
Crude Fibre (TP/098)
S23 – 0038797 Crude Fibre (DMB) 1.6%
NFE (TP_FT_008)
S23 – 0038797 NFE <0.1%

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