Fish Jerky Dog Treats

Fish Jerky Dog Treats


Weight, Type of Pet
200 grams/ Cat



  • 100% Australian made, natural and healthy
  • Premium quality, long lasting
  • No use of any additives, chemicals or preservatives
  • Quality dog treats ensuring nutritional benefits and long shelf life
  • Prepared in one of the few AS 5812 export accredited experienced facilities
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Product Description

Fish Jerky Dog Treats

Our Fish Jerky Dog Treats are a delicious, healthy, and natural snack for dogs of all sizes. Your dog will certainly sink their teeth into these scrumptious little morsels. These treats are 100% Australian. However, they contain no additives or preservatives. Therefore, you can be sure your dog is not eating anything that will be harmful to its health Fish and seafood are super protein sources for dogs whilst being relatively low in saturated fats. Thus being great for weight control too. Fish is one of nature’s most plentiful sources of vital Omega oils and essential fatty acids. They are also a great way to help clean your dog’s teeth and tartar build-up. Fish Jerky is the ultimate for healthy pup joints and modest taste. The Omega Fatty Acids work to soothe inflammation and shine your dog’s coat A pure and wholesome treat that has been air dried to remove all the moisture. We do care about our environment. This is exactly why all our Fish Jerky Dog Treats are humanely and sustainably sourced from responsible Australian farmers. Caught with sustainable practices with quotas strictly managed by the Australian Fisheries. These fish are very common in our Australian waters and are therefore not endangered. Our suppliers do not catch endangered fish for dog products.


  • 100% Australian-produced, natural and healthy.
  • Assist in calming any allergies.
  • Reduce joint pain.
  • Premium quality.
  • No use of any chemicals, additives, colours, sugars, or preservatives.
  • Quality dog treats ensure nutritional benefits and long shelf life.
  • Prepared in one of the few AS5812 export-accredited experienced facilities.


We recommend keeping your products sealed, stored out of direct sunlight, and under 30c on average.


Lastly, please always ensure your dog is eating a balanced and nutritious diet.

About us:

Located in Melbourne, Australia, Bark with Buster is a small team. Passionate about supplying irresistibly delicious and safe pet treats for your furry friends. We are dog and cat owners too! So, join our pack and order your pet treats today. Free delivery around Australia whenever you place an order over $99.00. So, order a gift for your friend or neighbour’s pet as well. To view all our seafood just follow the link Our suppliers hold industry accreditations. Also, many years of experience in the processing and drying of products for animal consumption. Therefore, you can rest assured your dog is digesting quality products. We love making customers happy by delivering nothing but the highest standards in the industry. Working closely with our customers seeking their feedback. We listen to our customers and the needs and wants of their furry friend’s requests. Thus, you can only maintain a great reputation by consistently delivering on your promises, and therefore, we work hard to do exactly that.

Ingredients-100% Australian Fish Jerky

Nutritional Analysis

Ash (as is) (TP/024)
M2020-70732 Ash (as is)45.39g/100g
Metabolisable Energy (Atwater) (TP_FT_008)
M2020-70732 Carbohydrates (no TDF)3.7g/100g
Fat by Acid Hydrolysis (TP/050)
M2020-70732 Fat1.6g/100g
Moisture (TP_FT_002)
M2020-70732 Moisture7g/100g
Kjeldahl (TP/026)
M2020-70732 Protein (N x 6.25) (as is)42.3g/100g
Sugar Profile (TP/036)
M2020-70732 Total Free Sugars<0.1 g/100g
Fatty Acid Profile
M2020-70732 Saturated Fat0.5g/100g
M2020-70732 Mono unsaturated Fat0.7g/100g
M2020-70732 Poly unsaturated Fat 0.3g/100g
M2020-70732 Trans Fat P<0.1g/100g
Metals – ICPMS Major (TP/394)
M2020-70732 Sodium840mg/100g

Additional Information

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